Together In Electric Dreams

You thought you knew guitars. You didn’t know Fender

Fender is at the top of the guitar game.

With the introduction of the Acoustasonic Jazzmaster, by far their best sounding, most playable and versatile guitar yet, they raised the bar out of reach. Our mission was to create a film that intoxicated audiences with the boundless versatility and sonic possibilities of the Jazzmaster. We wanted to echo the company’s legendary status while also throwing fresh light on the brand and this convention-breaking guitar. There was no real ‘script’ for the piece, just the tagline, “The Sonic Shapeshifter”, and a very specific list of guitars that Fender wanted to communicate visually and sonically.

Fender blend

One of the key features of the guitar is the innovative ‘Blend Knob’. By simply turning the knob, it seamlessly shifts between iconic acoustic and big electric tones. The ‘cause & effect’ relationship between the rotation of the Mod Knob and its physical and aural transformations became a central conceit of the film. The final film is a seamless mind-bending journey of sound and vision that showcases the incredible versatility of the instrument – a musical mutant that’s unafraid to twist and morph between acoustic and electric tones, unlikely body shapes and cool tonewoods, to create new sonic colours that defy definition.

Design & Direction: ManvsMachine